Martelli Pavement Marking
Asphalt Maintenance Specialists


Here at Martelli Pavement Marking we offer sealcoating services for commercial and industrial parking lots as well as residential driveways.

The first step to performing a quality sealcoating job is to clean the pavement's surface and cracks thoroughly. We do this by removing overgrowth from around the edges and cracks and power brooming any dirt areas. Next, we airsweep the surface to remove all the dirt and debris. This thorough cleaning of your asphalt is absolutely necessary to ensure proper adhesion of the sealer to the pavement's surface.

Once the asphalt is clean, we fill the cracks with a hot rubberized crack sealant to prevent water from causing more damage and treat oil spots with an oil spot primer to ensure proper sealer adhesion to these trouble areas.

Finally we are ready to apply the sealcoat. We only use Sealmaster sealcoating products and apply them according to Sealmaster specifications. When sealing residential driveways, we brush apply the sealer to work it into the asphalt and to produce a consistent coating in one application. When sealing parking lots, we spray apply the sealer with two coats to achieve the manufacturer's recommended application rate and an overall even coating.

If you would like a fee estimate for sealing your lot or driveway or if you have any questions please feel free to call us at 1(888)508-7773 or you may use the Contact Us tab above.