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We at Martelli Pavement Marking believe that maintaining your parking lot can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life span of your asphalt, as well as present a more inviting and safe property for potential customers. Your parking lot is the first and last part of your property a customer will see. Poor appearance or safety issues with your parking lot can cause potential customers to take their business elsewhere.

Sealcoating costs pennies per square foot and when compared to the expense of repairing or replacing damaged asphalt, it's a wise investment in your property. Sealcoating your parking lot will enhance the appearance of your property. Sealcoating will protect your pavement from the sun oxidizing and breaking down the asphalt binder in it (which is what holds the asphalt together), water damage from rain and the freeze/thaw cycle, as well as damage due to chemical spills such as oil or gas. The sealer replenishes the binder lost due to weathering and aging. And by creating a waterproof membrane, sealcoating provides protection against these elements which will extend the life of your asphalt for many years to come. Outside of the protection sealcoat provides, the instant curb appeal the sealer gives to asphalt, whether it is your homes driveway or a nice, fresh black parking lot with bright, new pavement markings, just can't be over-stated.

Unfortunately cracks in your unprotected asphalt are an inevitable fact, but maintaining them will decrease the damage they cause and the long term expenses they can create. Open cracks allow water to penetrate your asphalt and damage the base layers under your driveway or parking lots surface resulting in alligatoring and potholes. If this damage is allowed to continue for too long, the asphalt can no longer be repaired but must be replaced. Sealing your asphalts cracks early is the only way to prevent this damage from reaching the point where replacement is necessary.

Restriping your pavement markings is another way of improving the appearnce of your property. Most parking lots need to be striped every two to five years depending on traffic volume and the severity of the winter seasons the parking lot experiences. A fresh coat of paint not only improves the appearance of your property, but also provides a safer environment for customers and employees by clearly designating parking spaces and traffic flow patterns.

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